About Colonial South

Colonial South Events started with two reenactors and students of history who believed that Colonial history in the American South deserved to be interpreted. The American South has an amazing history in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries that often sees very little attention, in part because it is more difficult to access than more recent eras of American history. So the idea was simple–events that bring the rich Colonial history of the American South to others in an interactive, immersive environment. Reenactors work with local historic sites and organizations to bring history to both guests and volunteers. Colonial South Events is proud to host the first eighteenth century reenactments in Charleston in fifteen years.

Our Staff

Sean Wallis

Sean Wallis has been reenacting since childhood. With fifteen years of experience, he has been a member of different units and factions, fighting for both the Crown Forces and Continentals. He has worked as a historic consultant, and played roles in many documentaries and films over the past decade. His most recent roles are as Tadeusz Kościuszko in the award-winning film John Laurens’ War and in the final season of AMC’s series Turn: Washington’s Spies. He has also worked at historic sites and museums such as Old Salem and the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon, and has trained other reenactors and soldiers in the art of eighteenth century warfare. In his spare time, he practices fencing, rides horses, studies physics, and writes elaborate Shakespearean sonnets. (Okay, we were kidding about the poetry part.) He also knows every Monty Python movie ever made.

Sean is the main event coordinator, organizing the battles and units for our events and recruiting reenactors. He is also the primary press contact for Colonial South Events. When not organizing events, Sean can sometimes be seen in period attire giving ghost tours or history walking tours in historic Charleston.